Transform your building

Get more out of your building by shifting focus from square meters to users.

From square meters to digital users

Increased satisfaction

Orbit takes full advantage of the mobile phone in your pocket. The app solves keyless access and enables easy sharing of facilities.

Lower costs

Reduce administration by letting smarter technology replace manual tasks. Forget key cards, and customer service.

Higher utilization

Through Orbit's cloud-based access system, the building can be used in a more flexible and smarter way for increased utilization.

Built in Co-working

It is becoming more common for tenants in a building to share some facilities such as meeting rooms. Orbit has the technology that makes this possible.

Create shared rooms for all tenants

Shared areas create more flexibility and can easily be booked in the Orbit app.

Enable subletting of free space

Tenants can easily make unutlized meeting rooms, desks or zones available to other Orbit users if they wish.

Open the doors to thousands of users

Make available unused capacity as co-working space in Orbit - we fix the practicalities.

Access that always suits the tenants' needs

Fully digital access system

With our digital access system, you can easily give access to your tenants and ensure that only the right people have access to the building.

Integrated booking system

The access system is smart, so that facilities can be shared more easily. The availability of common rooms is displayed at the door of the room.

Temporary accesses

At a meeting, for example, a tenant may have temporary access on another floor. The system allows access only to the room that is booked.

Furniture as a service, supplied by IKEA

Building a job sharing zone has never been easier

Decorate a co-working zone or offer fully furnished offices with IKEA's office furniture as a service.

Orbit improves over air with the same hardware

Orbit is always evolving and continuously adds new services that make the building better, without having to install new locks.
Building services

Offer services available at building directly to all users through Orbit.

New insight

Machine Learning analyzes how the buildings are used to give landlords unique insights.


Grant user management and access control to tenants directly in the app.

FaceID authentication

Increased security on selected doors through FaceID requirement right in the app.

Service store

Give users in the building access to third-party services from Orbit.

Facility management

Easy-to-use management tool allowing full flexibility of every building.