Work safely,
In response to the Covid-19 crisis we launch SafeOrbit. Get access to our temporary, infection-proof office spaces in the Oslo-area today.
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Our emergency mission
Bring teams together

Being able to meet is critical for many teams, but today's open-plan offices are not well-suited for keeping infection rates low. We aim to bring teams out of the home office in a safe manner.

Offload public transportation

While offices slowly can reopen, public transportation still is a limiting factor for going back to normal. By decentralizing the office, we aim to reduce the need for long commutes.

Spaces to minimize infections
We rearrange office spaces according to guidelines provided by health officials to help your employees stay safe at work.
Min two meters apart

All work stations keep a minimum distance of two meters.

Marked safety zones

Safety zones help keep the recommended distance at any time.

One way only

Clearly marked routes ensure safe movements around the office.

Intensified cleaning

Upgraded cleaning routines increase the sanitation of every room.

Sanitizers at all doors

Hand sanitizers are placed at any door where multiple people are passing.

Less shared facilities

Closing down high-risk shared facilities reduces the spread of infection.

Safe offices closer to home
We can slowly return to our offices, but commuting in crowded trains and buses is still not a good idea. Give your teams access to temporary office spaces closer to their homes and help reduce the need for public transportation.
Tailored to your needs
Team space
Work desks in private area

Private room or area for 4 to 20 people, only accessible by the team. Work stations are placed a minimum of two meters apart.

2 990 NOK per desk monthly
Open space
Work desks in open area

Work stations are placed at safe distances in a large area. All desks are two meters apart and can be clustered to team size.

1 990 NOK per desk monthly
Personal office
Private office for one person

A private room with one work station. Can be located close to other team members.

6 995 NOK monthly
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