Greetings, worklings
Orbit is about to change the way the office works.
Our mission
Reduce space waste

Working towards a more sustainable future, we aim to reduce the need for new office buildings by better utilizing the ones that are already built.

Improve work

New ways of working require a different take on the office. We aim to create more flexible work spaces that better suit the lifestyle of today’s workers.


of the world’s energy consumption comes from real estate


of all office space is estimated to be vacant at any given time


new offices are projected built in the worlds largest cities by 2030 

Offices are failing
The traditional office does not serve the needs of modern teams, leaving companies in an unfortunate position of blown capacity yet falling utilization.
Enter Orbit
A seamless office experience that adapts to your ways of working. Reduce the need for fixed space by taking advantage of orbiting satellites.

On-demand specialized workspaces

For any task

The office is great for day-to-day activities, but some jobs call for special spaces.

Instant booking

Real time availability and booking secures a seamless experience.

Frictionless access

With the Orbit App or Card you simply let yourself in.

Highly curated, then upgraded
Comfortable seating

Sitting right is important when you need to focus. No matter if it's a creative workshop or spreadsheets, we always make sure it's comfy.

High speed WiFI

A modern team is highly dependent on working WiFi. When you are in an Orbit Satellite we make sure everything is hooked up and ready.

Clean air

Being focused and energized requires the right environment. Air quality is a major factor in this and we take it seriously when curating spaces.


Add-on services that boosts performance

Get there easily

Don't waste time on practicalities and focus all your attention towards the task at hand.

Fuel results

Give your team what they need, where they need it, to perform their very best.

Stay the night

Either if you are far from home or just need to pull an all nighter – we got you covered.

Orbit Identity

Your personal professional identity

Yours forever

Your Orbit Identity follows you between workplaces, and of course, it safeguards your personal data.

A card that lasts

With its solid 18g, the metal Orbit Card serves as the physical representation of your digital identity.

Work together

Set up your Orbit Team Account and manage expenses, privileges and access levels in a breeze.

Coming next
The traditional office is ready to be challenged. We are taking a shot at improving flexibility and reducing waste by integrating everything in a seamless Orbit ecosystem.